Inadanian is an multinational etnomusic based group established in 2013 through the iniciative of Hico who brought together artists of different cultural backgrounds that he occasionally colaborated with:

Ondrej Landa (Czech Rep.), Tenzin Kunsang (Tibet) and Endo Kenji (Japan).

These musicians, following their own cultural characteristics, and now gathered under the wing of an open and experienced professional, has gradually given birth to the unique formation of a real world music fussion, which gained it`s name after the place where all the members first met (the mountain valley of Ina Dani).

Tenzin Kunsang

(Tibet_Dramyen, Bansri, Piwang, Voice) was born as Tibetan refugee of third generation in Dheradhun, India. He trained for eight years at Tipa, the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts to become an Tibetan traditional music and opera inheritor. His innate talent to the music thrives with his original songs based upon Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, and too with the improvised sessions with other artists. His limpid and sweet voice has power to transmit the hearth of Tibet to whom witnesses.


(Japan_Melodica, Piano, Jew's Harp, Koncovka) is a keyboard based multi instrumentalist with background as a professional keyboard player. He is capable of playing many different traditional instruments as well as all sorts of keyboard instruments. Active in giving live concerts all over the world with his original songs and improvisational play-style as solo performer as well as in collaboration with other musicians from different genre. He also produces several young talented musicians. He is called as a sound magician hidden in country-farm-land of Ina-valley.

Ondřej Kano Landa

(Czech-Slovakia_Voice, Accordion, Koncovka, Piano) has many faces such as anthropologist, clown, writer, permaculture and self-sufficiency practitioner, and also conventionally educated musician. As soon as he discovered the limits of conventional art and scientific approach to the world he went through an intense research of indigenous cultures and traditional religions of the world to explore the roots of art and human being. Now with any medium he chooses, his expression reflects the momentum flow of evironment based on his deep study about himself as cultural being as well as individual.

Kenji Endo

(Japan_Hocchiku, Shakuhachi, Didgeridoo) is one of a few rarest inheritor in the world who are able to play classical tunes for Hocchiku, the Japanese ancient flute. It is said that to play on Hocchiku required to become one spirit with it's natural sound of bamboo. He is also a maker of his own musical instruments including Didgeridoo, Percussions, Carimba etc. all made by Japanese most common natural material: bamboo. His improvisational play-style based on Shakuhachi classic makes us wonder in nostalgic longing for ancient Japan.

Shepherd Song
Sunny Song in „The festival of life“ in Nagano, Japan 2013
O Mani Padme Hoom song accompanying a video from Ondrej´s family horse trip in Romanian mountains